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Perfect Way to Send a Little Love

3 Feb

Assorted Cupcakes Valentine's Day Sugar Mamas Dessert Co. Carolyn Horbaczyk

Red Velvet, Vanilla Bean and Irish Cream Cupcakes.


Beautiful Butterfly Bridal Shower Cake

9 May

Beautiful Butterfly Bridal Shower Cake

Classic Vanilla Bean Cake filled with Vanilla Bean Buttercream

Image 9 Feb



The Captain

9 Feb

captain morganbackground

Well if it isn’t the handsome rum-making pirate himself! And oh, so, so sweet!! This cake was a corporate congratulatory cake for the company’s employees from near and far. The Review? “The cake went down like an absolute storm!!”. We’re glad they loved it!!

Cake Pops!!

14 Aug

The Sugar Mamas FINALLY got around to trying an amazing Cake Pop recipe and we can’t wait to share these tasty sweets with everyone. This might be the beginning of a new addiction!

Cake Pops!!

Hey Everyone,

20 Jul

Thanks for stopping by our page and checking out all of our delicious freshly-baked desserts!

Sorry we don’t have new pictures posted of our latest creations, we’ve been busy baking-up some of our customer’s favourite desserts such as our Red Velvet Cupcakes, Carrot Cupcakes and Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes. It wouldn’t be exciting to post pictures that are already on our site, but stay tuned because The Sugar Mamas have a lot of custom desserts to make within the coming weeks!

Stay Sweet,

The Sugar Mamas

We make cookies too!

7 Jul

Cupcake Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing