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Happy 60th Birthday Dad!

27 Jul

With the increasing popularity of custom cakes and cupcake trends, classic desserts can sometimes get lost in the shuffle. For this very special occasion I decided to go with a delicious and refreshingly classic Key Lime Pie, the flavours couldn’t be more appropriate for our current season. This is an adapted recipe from “Wanda’s Pie in the Sky”.


Hey Everyone,

20 Jul

Thanks for stopping by our page and checking out all of our delicious freshly-baked desserts!

Sorry we don’t have new pictures posted of our latest creations, we’ve been busy baking-up some of our customer’s favourite desserts such as our Red Velvet Cupcakes, Carrot Cupcakes and Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes. It wouldn’t be exciting to post pictures that are already on our site, but stay tuned because The Sugar Mamas have a lot of custom desserts to make within the coming weeks!

Stay Sweet,

The Sugar Mamas

Chocolate Mocha Cake with Coconut Buttercream Filling

11 Jul

Happy Birthday Sarah!

More Custom Cakes

11 Jul

Beautiful Bridal Shower Cake

Manolo Blahnik Red Velvet Cake

The Perfect Birthday Cake!

Chocolate Fudge Cake with Chocolate Pudding and Mousse Filling. (The tools are fondant covered Rice Krispie Treats)

Sex and the City Marble Cake

The Little Blue Box Cake


We make cookies too!

7 Jul

Cupcake Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing

“Gluten-free is the new black!”

7 Jul

The Sugar Mamas were asked to do another gluten-free cake and are proud to announce that it was absolutely delicious!

Chocolate Gluten-free Cake with Vanilla Buttercream filling

Happy Summer Everyone!

5 Jul

Check out our Pink Lemonade Cupcakes, one of our specialty summer flavours.

Below are some custom-made Vanilla Bean Beach Cupcakes with Lemon Curd Filling.

Below is a picture of my personal favourite summer flavour! This Chocolate Mocha Cupcake is filled with Chocolate Whipped Cream and topped with Coconut Buttercream and garnished with toasted coconuts, and Starbucks coffee grind.